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FTRA Membership Registration / Renewal
Joining an Annual FTRA Membership

The membership registration system will be available soon.

Until that time, please download a registration form at FTRA Membership Registration Form,
fill them out and send it along with the scanned copy of your registration
to [email protected].

The annual membership should be renewed in every year.


1. FTRA Hosted/Sponsored Conference Registration Discount
The FTRA Members receive registration discount for their regular registrations at some conferences hosted/sponsored by FTRA.

2. Free access to FTRA Library
The FTRA Members can access all the contents in FTRA website (http://www.ftrai.org).
Some of the contents such as Keynotes and Proceedings needs to be logged in.

Registration Fee Information

The annual membership registration fee is $120 (USD) or 120,000 (KRW).

* After sending your registration fee (the above amount), please send a scanned file of your bank transfer receipt.

Bank Account Information
Name of Bank: Kookmin Bank
Address of Bank: 971-1, Youngtong-dong, Youngtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Accounts No.: 422001-04-111246
Name of Accounts: "Changhoon Lee(FTRA)"
Telephone: +82-31-379-0649
Beneficiary's Name: "Changhoon Lee(FTRA)"
Beneficiary Address: School of Computer Engieering, Hanshin University, 411 Yangsan-dong, Osan, Gyeonggi, 447-491 Korea