The telephone was ringing. ‘Who would dare to name me at 8:30 on a Saturday morning?’ was my first thought as I reached for the cordless telephone.

“Hey Steph, what’s occurring?” I yawned as I picked up the telephone, considering caller ID is a good looking factor.

“The band has a gig tonight and our backup singer is out with the ‘flu.” Stephanie stated, a touch of panic in her voice. “Are you able to fill in for her?”

“I dunno…” I stated hesitantly. I had been begging for this opportunity for practically a yr now, however I did have already got plans. “I used to be alleged to exit with Rob tonight.”

“Carry him alongside.” Stephanie practically shouted, her panic turning into extra evident.

“What’s in it for me?” I requested, getting all the way down to enterprise. “I imply, I’ve been asking you for months now to let me be your backup singer and also you saved placing me off. So, give me an incentive right here. I’m somewhat harm by the truth that you would not have referred to as me for this until it was an emergency.”

“I do know, I do know. I’m sorry. And sure, it’s an emergency.” Stephanie sighed. “Look, we now have been having issues with Mandy anyway, and we had been going to fireplace her after tonight’s gig. So, do that for me, and you may have the backup place completely.”

“And I get to sing lead on no less than three songs every gig?” I requested.

“Sure. Sure, sure, sure.” Stephanie laughed. “I do know you possibly can sing, we have jammed collectively earlier than. And the band has been working towards a few songs only for you anyway. So, will you do it?”

“They have been working towards?” I requested suspiciously. “Why would they try this?”

“Should you actually wish to know, we had been planning on providing you this job even earlier than Mandy bought so unreliable. We simply needed to anticipate the timing to be proper.” I heard John asking anxiously what was happening within the background. “Are you going to take the job or what?”

“Yeah, I am going to do it.” I grinned. “Like there was ever any doubt.”

“That is why I like you, Karen!” Stephanie laughed. “We’re enjoying at Roundhouse tonight. I am going to ship James to select you up at 5:00; we begin setup at 6:00 and the primary set begins at 9:00. Put on that black lace frilly shirt, okay?”

“Bossy bossy.” I laughed. “Sure ma’am!”

I rolled over and regarded on the clock once more. 8:45. I used to be too excited now to sleep. I flipped the covers again and swung my legs off the bed, shivering on the chilly. Simply the considered lastly attending to carry out with ‘Simply One other Cowl Band’ was getting me excited. At all times one thing of an exhibitionist, acting on stage aroused me no finish. Even enjoying at being a star at karaoke would get me going.

I stood up and stretched my again, yawning and contemplating what to do. My clit was as awake as I used to be at this level, and screaming for consideration. I went to my toy drawer and rooted round till I discovered what I used to be on the lookout for. Grinning, I pulled out my latest vibrator. It was a scary-looking implement: purple and white with beads that rotated within the heart and a shaft that thrust up and down and an attachment on the base that wiggled forwards and backwards to stimulate my clit. Grabbing a smaller dildo and a few nipple clamps too, I slid the drawer shut with my hip.

I dove again into mattress and held the vibrator between my breasts to heat it some whereas I slowly stroked my clit with my different hand. I positioned the nipple clamps and the small dildo on the headboard, together with some Astroglide.

Rob and I had been within the midst of a make-out session on the ground of my condo final evening when he bought paged to go in to work. I had been left annoyed and panting as Rob dashed out the door to his automobile. I had halfheartedly gotten myself off final evening, however clearly I wasn’t glad, if the responsiveness of my clit and the sheer quantity of wetness in my slit was any indication.

I slid the top of my toy down my physique and up and down my moist slit, gasping as the graceful finish slid over and round my throbbing clit. My hips started to squirm involuntarily as I stimulated myself. Not desirous to cum too quick, I slid the toy round in my wetness then slowly shoved it into my cunt.

My pussy lips stretched to welcome this invasion, greedy on the shaft because it entered me. I moaned on the sensation and slid the toy in additional till it was many of the approach in. I wrapped my legs round a pillow, wedging it towards the bottom of the toy after which turned the beads and the thrusting controls on to low. I moaned once more because the toy started to maneuver inside me, feeling virtually alive, however shifting in a approach that no man’s cock ever might.

My hips started to maneuver in rhythm with the toy, fucking it. I might really feel my pussy getting wetter, my juices leaking out across the base of the plastic phallus and I elevated the pace of the toy’s actions.

My clit was throbbing and so I turned the clit stimulator on as nicely, leaving the management set at its lowest pace. The slight vibration towards my clit despatched one other gush of wetness onto the toy. I threw my head again, squeezing my eyes tightly shut, reveling within the sensations as my over stimulated pussy contracted across the thrusting toy.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck…” A stream of obscenities flowed from my mouth, however I barely observed, so intent was I on the sensations constructing in my cunt.

I used to be writhing on the mattress, my hand gripping the toy’s pace management and I knew I simply needed to cum. Gasping, I turned all the controls to excessive and screamed because the toy went into overdrive. The triple sensations being produced by the vibrator ripped via my physique and I got here, screaming and hips bucking. My pussy muscle tissues grasped on the toy, and the rotating beads intensified my orgasm. It felt as if my head was going to blow up from the depth of my orgasm.

Within the throes of cumming, I had misplaced my maintain on the toy’s controller. Gasping, because the toy continued to fuck me, I groped round for the management. It was nowhere that I might discover simply as my hips continued to buck and my cunt continued to contract across the quickly thrusting shaft. I felt one other orgasm constructing and I wrapped my legs tighter across the pillow, forcing the clit stimulator into even nearer contact with that delicate nub.

“Yesssssss…” I screamed as I got here once more, fucking wildly on the toy.

My hand discovered the controller simply as my second orgasm started to subside. I turned the toy’s controls to low to provide myself an opportunity to recuperate. I lay on my mattress, panting and drenched in sweat because the tireless vibrator continued to thrust away inside me. I threw the covers off and my nipples stiffened within the chilly air because the sweat on my pores and skin cooled.

Gasping, I labored my approach up onto my knees, nonetheless gripping the pillow between my thighs, after which sank down onto the pillow, exhausting, driving the vibrator nonetheless additional into my dripping snatch. I turned the controls again up and commenced to journey the toy. I dropped the controller once more and pinched and pulled at my nipples as I fucked the vibrator exhausting.

Remembering my different toys, I reached over and grabbed the nipple clamps. Clipping them onto my diamond-hard nipples, I gasped on the sensation. The slight ridges on the clamps bit into my delicate flesh, stimulating me additional. I grabbed the dildo and rapidly lubed it up, then positioned the top of it at my nether gap. With my different hand I turned the vibrator controls down once more after which slid the dildo into my anus. I slid the dildo in so far as I might after which sat again barely on the pillow, wedging the dildo into my ass.

The sensation of being doubly penetrated was intense and I once more turned the vibrator’s controls as much as excessive. I screamed gutturally as I got here once more, writhing and bucking on the toys buried deep inside me. Panting, I collapsed onto the mattress and the toys slid out of me because the pillow slipped from between my legs.

I pulled the nipple clamps off simply as earlier than I drifted again to sleep.

I woke once more at midday, the solar shining in my bed room window. Grinning, I jumped from the mattress and rapidly cleaned my toys, changing them of their drawer. I took a protracted sizzling bathe then grabbed a cheese sandwich and an apple for lunch. I used to be simply ending my apple when the telephone rang once more. It was Rob.

“Hiya babe!” I stated gaily. “I hope you did not have to work too late final evening.”

“I bought dwelling about 4:00am.” He stated, sounding fairly surly about it. “However I’m not on name tonight, so we will end what we began.”

“First it’s important to come to Simply One other Cowl Band’s present on the Roundhouse with me.” I giggled.

“Sounds good. I all the time prefer to see them play.” Rob stated, laughing at my mischievous tone. “However I assumed they weren’t enjoying tonight as a result of Mandy is ailing?”

“Nicely, they’ve a brand new backup singer.” I giggled.

“They do?” Rob requested, feigning confusion.

“Did Steph already name you?” I demanded.

“Yeah, she referred to as me awhile in the past.” he admitted. “It’s nice that they’re lastly providing you with an opportunity.”

“I’m actually enthusiastic about it!” I grinned to myself. “So you may come to the present?” I requested.

“In fact!” Rob exclaimed. “I would not miss it for the world.”

The remainder of the afternoon went rapidly as I took a protracted sizzling tub, shaving the assorted components of me that wanted to be shaved and all that different girly stuff. At 5:00 I heard the van’s horn outdoors my condo and I ran downstairs to greet James.

“Hey Karen.” James grinned, wanting me over approvingly. I used to be carrying the black lace peasant shirt, as requested with a black satin bra on beneath, a black miniskirt and a few strappy sandals with heels. “Lookin’ good.” James commented as he put the van in gear.

“Thanks.” I giggled.

The journey to The Roundhouse was uneventful. As we walked into the bar, I used to be struck by how empty it was, how quiet with out all of the patrons and the band. It appeared virtually peaceable. James and I started pulling tools from the again of the van as the opposite band members began arriving. We arrange rapidly after which sat at a desk to have a few drinks and a few meals whereas we went over the set checklist.

I glanced on the set checklist and located I had the primary tune within the second set. I would be singing “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. I like that tune, and it struck me that making me part of the band had been a while within the planning. I grinned at my new band mates and we went to heat up.

Rob got here in to the bar simply as we completed our heat up and sat down at a desk close to the stage. I went over and kissed him to say hi there. He laughed and pulled me down onto his lap. We talked for a bit after which it was time to start out the present. Stephanie and I bounded onto the stage from reverse ends and launched instantly into our disco medley.

The bar patrons whooped and hollered and danced and drank all through the evening, cheering loudly after every tune and after every set too. And after every tune I discovered myself getting an increasing number of aroused, feeling the eyes of everybody within the bar on us. A few instances I caught some good lookin’ cowboy eyeing me from the facet of the stage and I might really feel a throb in my cunt as I noticed the starvation in his eyes.

I stunned myself by belting out “Bitch” to a near-packed home, singing for all I used to be value. The women within the bar liked it, a few of them even arising close to the stage to bop collectively.

Lastly, 1:30 rolled round and we performed our final tune. We took our applause then jumped off the stage to mingle with the gang, drink a bit and loosen up earlier than we started the duty of breaking down our tools. I discovered myself standing on the bar alone, consuming a bottle of beer and attempting to cease grinning. I had carried out it! I used to be in a band. Ever since I used to be a baby, this was all I had ever needed.

The cowboy who had been standing in conjunction with the stage many of the evening strode up and tipped his hat to me. I grinned and stated hi there.

“Hello there darlin'” had been the primary phrases out of his mouth, and I stifled amusing. Dwelling in north Texas, there have been loads of cowboys round, even in bars that didn’t characteristic nation music. “I am Gary.”

“I am Karen.” I grinned, extending my hand. Gary gallantly kissed my hand simply as Rob walked up. “And that is my boyfriend Rob.” Gary stood up rapidly, extending his hand to Rob.

“You bought a mighty purty girlfriend right here, Rob.” Gary smiled engagingly. Rob shook his hand after which dropped his arm round my shoulders possessively.

“I do, do not I?” Rob smiled.

Gary rapidly took his depart after that and I leaned into Rob’s comfortingly sturdy physique. I regarded up at him adoringly and drew his head all the way down to the place I might whisper in his ear.

“I’m so sexy!” I whispered. “I want you might fuck me proper right here on the bar!”

Rob merely grinned and kissed me, tugging me out the door. He pulled me over to James’ van and opened the again door. The carpeted inside regarded inviting and I eagerly adopted him inside.

I rapidly skinned out of my panties, however left my skirt on as I circled, presenting my uplifted rear to Rob. He groaned and unzipped his pants, pulling his exhausting cock from his briefs and shifting up behind me.

Rob slid his cock round within the wetness gathered in my slit then shoved his cock into me with one sturdy thrust. I groaned and Rob started to maneuver rapidly, fucking me exhausting and quick. It felt divine. My pussy was soaking moist and my clit felt exhausting as a rock the place Rob’s balls slapped towards me. Simply as I used to be getting near orgasm, the van’s again door flew open.

I gasped in shock and regarded again over my shoulder to search out James grinning in at us. He hopped up into the van and slammed the door behind him.

“I used to be questioning the place you two disappeared to.” James laughed, slipping out of his denims. He moved in entrance of me, his cock already stiffening. I slurped his penis into my mouth as Rob started to pump away at my cunt once more.

James moaned as I labored the top of his dick with my tongue, rapidly bringing him to full erection. The pre-cum leaking out of James’ cockhead tasted good and I lapped it up eagerly. He grunted and shoved his cock additional into my face as Rob slammed into me from behind and shortly I discovered myself deep-throating James. Each males grunted and moaned as they fucked me, and I quickly misplaced myself to every thing however the sensation of getting two cocks inside me.

Too quickly I heard James groan that he was cumming as his cock started to spurt into my throat. Rob started to fuck me quicker as I licked James clear. I moaned as I felt Rob’s balls slapping exhausting towards my clit and I started to push again at him. His penis was so exhausting that I might really feel the ridge of his cockhead sliding alongside my passage. I moaned as I felt the primary waves of my orgasm wash over me.

“Sure! Oh god sure! Fuck me!” I cried, cumming exhausting. James reached underneath me and pinched and twisted my nipples as I got here, inflicting me to cum even tougher. I felt Rob start to spurt as my pussy clenched round him, after which the again door of the van opened once more.

John and Stephanie climbed rapidly into the van and shut the door. John stripped off his pants after which eliminated Stephanie’s panties for her. They leaned towards the again door of the van, watching as Rob pumped into me a number of extra instances, then moved ahead as Rob slipped from inside me.

Rob and James moved additional up into the van, and John slid behind me as Stephanie positioned her pussy instantly in entrance of my face. I dove eagerly into Steph’s dripping snatch, licking at a slit that was no less than as moist and excited as mine. She tasted divine, like salt water taffy. I lapped and sucked at her pussy lips as her husband thrust his cock into my keen snatch.

John quickly fucked into me, sending me climbing towards one other orgasm as I nibbled and flicked Steph’s clit. Stephanie moaned and unfold her legs wider, tilting her hips to provide me higher entry.

“Mmmmmm.” Was all I might say as I hungrily lapped at Stephanie’s moist cunt. I slid a finger into her tunnel and felt her pussy muscle tissues clamp down on me. I started to slowly finger fuck her as I sucked tougher on her clit. She screamed and her thighs wrapped tightly round my head as she got here.

As Stephanie relaxed a bit, liberating my head from her vise-like grip, John started to pump into me quicker and tougher. I leaned up, sitting again on my haunches and John slid barely ahead so he might fuck upward into me. Stephanie, Rob and James all crawled towards me as I leaned towards John, my head again on his shoulder.

Stephanie started sucking on my proper nipple, John on my left nipple and Rob started licking my clit. The mix of sensations made my head spin. I relaxed utterly, shedding myself in a haze of feeling. I might really feel an orgasm approaching and I moaned, unable to do way more than really feel what was occurring.

John out of the blue picked up the tempo, thrusting into me exhausting and quick. He moaned loudly into my ear.

“God, Karen, your pussy is so tight!” John gasped. “I am gonna cum!”

I felt his cock start to spasm inside me, and his throbbing despatched me over the sting. I moaned and commenced to pant, feeling wave after wave of bliss washing via me. Stephanie launched my nipple and sat up additional, kissing me passionately and catching my screams in her mouth.

John thrust into me a number of extra instances, groaning with every exhausting thrust. Lastly, spent, he wrapped his arms round me and lowered me to the ground of the van. I lay there gasping as Stephanie came visiting to me and snuggled up subsequent to my physique, kissing me frivolously.

“I feel you are one of the best addition to the band but.” James sighed, leaning towards one of many van’s seats.

We laughed and lay there a couple of minutes extra earlier than we dressed and headed out to pack up our tools.

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